8mR world cup 2014

8mR World Championship 2021

July 15, 2021


Only 10 days ago since the below message, to welcome 15 participants at our 8M Worlds.


HOWEVER, the tide has turned, and today we have sadly come to the conclusion that we have to CANCEL the 8M WorldCup 2021 in Holland.


The Netherlands has been classified as "code RED", which means for most participants it is impossible or far too complicated, to travel, organize crews, risking quarantaine measures when returning home, etc. etc. There are simply too many uncertainties now which make it irresponsible to continue the event.


Please find and read our CANCELLATION Notice of today (enclosed), and please take action asap with regard to your other bookings!
The Entry fees will be fully reimbursed.


Extremely disappointing for all of us, and 2 years of no racing in our 8 Meters, but we want to thank everybody and IEMA who has shown support all the way long.


We already look forward to a fantastic sailing event in Geneva next year.


Wishing you all the best,


With best regards,


Organizing Committee
Jan Willem Ypma
Michiel Insinger
Jelle Dingemans


Cancellation Notice Click here to view or download