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8mR Accommodations


We have made special arrangements with the famous dutch flat bottom barges which can sleep a image 2
full team or even more teams. Please have a look at Holland Sail 
 and contact them directly for pricing and availability. We have taken 10 vessels in option for owners and teams to charter. If you book your spot for the regatta early you can take one of the options. But do know it is still summer holiday time in the Netherlands and they are very popular in demand. So please do not wait for too long. And it is really important that you also confirm the spot in the harbour on the pier opposite the “Buyshaven” in order to keep the commute to a minimum.

Agencies - land-based options






VVV Hart van Noord Holland





b-bThere are numerous hotels to choose from. As Enkhuizen is small sized, most are within walking distance of the Buyshaven regatta location. Please find a small selection below

Die Port van Cleve

Probably your best choice. Die Port van Cleve has a great view of the old harbour, the Dromedaris and only a small hike to the Regatta location in the Buyshaven.

Hotel De Koepoort

Tripadvisor has named Hotel De Koepoort as Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice. Located near the gate of Enkhuizen it provides a beautiful location in enkhuizen. 

Herberg De Compagnie

Herberg, is Dutch for Inn. This inn is known for having a generous selection of microbrewers beers.

Het Wapen van Enkhuizen

A family hotel in the center of Enkhuizen. 

Suydersee Hotel

Close to the trainstation and regatta location of the Buyshaven.

Bed & Breakfast

b-b2De Oude HBS

Former school building, offering multiple appartements. Close to the regatta area of the Buyshaven.

Het Monumentje

2 Bedroom B&B in the centre of town

Water- en Vuurhuisje

2-4 persons on the most beautiful canal of Enkhuizen

Vakantiewoning Het Wegje

Family house in the center of Enkhuizen

Studio 91 aan de gracht

2 person Studio appartement on the canal of Enkhuizen

Vakantiewoning Aan de Kade

Uniqe 105m2 Holiday house on the Quay of Enkhuizen.